Thursday, September 29, 2016

Soccer, Spanish, and Dr Pepper

Last week, our email form our missionary got lost in the internet, so we FINALLY got another one this week!!

This week has been pretty good so far. It has flown by that is for sure. Everyday is pretty much the same here so it makes it go by way fast. The language is coming along slowly it just takes a lot of work and effort with some help from the Lord. I love speaking spanish, I dont really get frustrated too much because I dont really care about making mistakes I just try my best. I spoke to some hermanas from mexico today and they told me my spanish was muy bien haha. That always feels good to get compliments from the native speakers. My district every lunch sits with latinos so we only can speak spanish to them. Usually they are super friendly and correct us on our pronunication. I met a guy who was from bolivia yesterday he was friendly, but he had tatoos all over his hands hahaha thug elder what a beast.

There was an elder in our district who was feeling really homesick so I gave him some counsel and suggested to the district that we all go around the room and something we like about him. I think it really made a difference in his life and he kept thanking me but I just told him it was the Lord working through me.

It has been funny with the food and the other district members cause the the food is making their stomachs upset if you know what I mean haha, but the funny thing is that my stomach was upset all the time before i got here if you know what I mean but Ive been great this whole time ive never eaten more fruit and salad in my life lol. Except for when we all ate like a bunch of jalapeños as a district lol that killed everybody. 

Me and my companion are getting along great its all about give and take in a relationship ive got to adjust a little but so does he to be fair so things are well, but its important to have unity because if you and your companion are not getting along you cannot teach with the spirit at all, and if you dont have the spirit you are just wasting your time trying to teach people.

People talk about the gift of toungues a lot here. Its a big part of learning the language but the main thing is just to work hard and you just notice little things. You just remember more than you usually would or feel prompted in a lesson to go in another direction and you just know what you need to say. I was having a hard time feeling the spirit in my lessons cause our investitgator was just our teacher so I felt like it was just practice. But I realized I needed to practice teaching with the spirit so I really act like my teacher really needs the gospel and try to help them and its been great.

Ive been doing great here my district plays cage soccer everyday for gym time when it doesnt rain which is nice to have some rain for once, but ive been scoring some sick goals lately but the best one was a cross from my companion right over the goalies head and I headed it in the corner it was the dopest thing in my life, after I scored that I was just like the church is true! hahaha chiste which means I joke lol. MOST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY. IF YOU GO TO MISSIONARYPACKAGESMX.COM YOU CAN SEND ME STUFF AND THEY PICK IT UP FROM COSTCO AND GIVE IT TO ME. DR.PEPPER AND CHEEZEITS OR CHIPS OF SOME KIND WOULD BE VERY APPRECIATED. THANK YOU. Thats the website a guy told me but if it doesnt work find a way to send me something! hahaha 

Much Love 
Elder Nelson

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