Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week of March 26, 2017

Ok so were teaching the Moreno family and we originally contacted their uncle and then they warmed up to us and started taking the lessons. They love going to church and have a baptismal date, but they need to get married and so we've been trying to sell hammocks to help them pay for their wedding. Yesterday they didn't attend church and we found out that the mom is sick and was in the hospital and probably spent all their money to pay for that so some stress with that because we gotta talk to the lawyer and pay tomorrow. I hope everything works out but we will see. Were working with some other families and were gonna try and put a baptismal date with them this week for the 8th and have 7 baptisms that day which would be incredible. Some stress but I'm gonna try my best, I hope I can stay here another transfer. I'm super excited for conference, and mothers day is coming up. I'm reading the BoM everyday and should finish the second week of April. I'm in Alma 54 right now. Have a good week love you. 

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week of March 19, 2017

I had a good week this week. I had three exchanges with other missionaries, which means we change companions and work in other areas. I got to work with E Vergara un chileno really cool. He has a twin serving in Peru and it reminded me of Jackson and Bennett. He was in a Chilean reggae band before the mission and we get along really well. I also went with E Ferierra the brasilero to some far away land that was an hour and a half walk in the middle of nowhere to teach a family that wasn't there, so we just walked back after that haha but it was fun, and super beautiful in the jungle and all the animals and everything, but I didn't have my camera so sorry. Our family that was supposed to be baptized this Saturday was cancelled but they put us in charge and we put their date for April. We are trying to find a lot of new people and were working hard I'm feeling good. The missionary work here is good were focusing on teaching the doctrine simply and more efficient contacts

 Elder Nelson

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week of March 12, 2017

My shoes are doing ok right now but Bolivia is taking its toll. Worst comes to worst I can take them to a shoe place and fix them to last until I hit a year. I hit 6 months today which is pretty crazy a quarter of my mission is over. I never feel isolated with the latinos, I can speak spanish haha. Im very excited to eat some hot cheetos!. To help pay for the wedding of our investigators Im buying a hammock from them thats gonna be designed with the united states flag so Im pretty excited for that. We had 2 baptisms this week and are trying for 7 on the 25th its gonna be a little stressful but I think we can pull it off with the Lords help. Things are good here, are you reading the BoM everyday? With the goal I have now ill read it like 11 times before I come back. I learn something everyday. Love you have a good week

Elder Nelson

Friday, March 10, 2017

Week of March 5, 2017

*Missionaries in Bolivia go on a three day lockdown during one of the festivals the country celebrates. Missionaries are given challenges by their Mission President for the weekend. This email came after the lockdown.*

It was kind of the opposite, after a 3 day vacation it was hard to not be lazy. I just read the BoM and played hearts with the other missionaries. It did make me want to read the book of mormon more. I finished it for the first time in spanish so thats 1 for the mission 3 times total. Right now I have to read the BoM every transfer, so every 6 weeks. Its just 15 pages a day so not a lot. Its hot here but its moving from summer to spring and then to winter. It rains here a ton, its basically a rain forest here. Cool for the mission call for Cade. Right now we have a super cool family. The dad was baptized a long time ago but the mom no. They have four kids and two can be baptized. Yesterday we taught about marriage and that they need to get married to be baptized and she said it made sense and that shell talk to the dad about it. They are super awesome and I really hope we can baptize them. Im very excited for my package! Things are good here and I hope its good at home. It can be pretty miserable to be sick sometimes but it makes me appreciate being healthy more. I will humbly accept all gifts when I return home, at the end of this transfer ill have 7 months! only 17 more! Also mothers day is coming up when I can call home, so thats great.
 Love and miss all of the family.

Elder Nelson