Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week of March 26, 2017

Ok so were teaching the Moreno family and we originally contacted their uncle and then they warmed up to us and started taking the lessons. They love going to church and have a baptismal date, but they need to get married and so we've been trying to sell hammocks to help them pay for their wedding. Yesterday they didn't attend church and we found out that the mom is sick and was in the hospital and probably spent all their money to pay for that so some stress with that because we gotta talk to the lawyer and pay tomorrow. I hope everything works out but we will see. Were working with some other families and were gonna try and put a baptismal date with them this week for the 8th and have 7 baptisms that day which would be incredible. Some stress but I'm gonna try my best, I hope I can stay here another transfer. I'm super excited for conference, and mothers day is coming up. I'm reading the BoM everyday and should finish the second week of April. I'm in Alma 54 right now. Have a good week love you. 

Elder Nelson

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