Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week of April 16, 2017

So I did get transferred, they put me on a plane and sent me back to Santa Cruz so I'm living the city life for the first time but I got to eat papa johns pizza so that was great. My new companion is from Jerom Idaho. His name is Elder Prince and hes pretty tall. He played tennis in high school so thats pretty cool. He is just kind of a normal guy, its the best way to describe him. Hes a little bit quiet and he doesn't know a whole lot of Spanish but hes learning fast and Ill do my best to help him get there. It reminds me of when I first got here and how frustrated I was all the time, poor guy. I'm also opening a new area, its called Los Angeles so that's kind of cool haha. I've never looked at a map and asked for help with directions so many times in my life, its kinda hard. The elders before us also didn't work in the area book so that really sucks cause were starting from ground zero basically. However we have received a ton of help from the Bishop and the ward mission leader which has been such a blessing. Exercise is rough to get motivated and do in the mornings, usually I just do push ups and sit ups in the morning. The missionary work is a little slow here but it will pick up this week and well try and get some good work in here. The people here have real houses so they are a little but more difficult to contact them, but well find some families to teach here.

Elder Nelson

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