Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week of February 19, 2017

Hey, so I had a pretty good week, but on Thursday I woke up in the middle of the night and I threw up and then I went out to our backyard and as I was standing out there I got super dizzy and then I remember hitting my butt and then my head. I had passed out and it was a miracle the way I fell too cause I should of hit my had on the sink outside to wash clothes but I was 5ft from that and about 2ft above concrete so it still hurt a lot but it was just dirt. I got a minor concussion and I had a fever and vomiting it was a pretty terrible combination so they took me to a clinic and put an IV in me to get my water and salt and sugar levels back to normal and after a few hours they let me go and gave me some medicine and said I probably have some sort of virus and to come back Monday and do an analysis of my blood. Also President Cabezas and Hna Cabezas came out to our zone did interviews and trainings but i was in the clinic or in bed so I couldn't go. On Saturday they came to our house and I got to talk to him for a while which was a great experience and Hna Cabezas had me talk to some other doctor on the phone and I ended up doing a blood analysis on Saturday instead and I got the result this morning and I don't have any virus like dengue or chikengunya or anything so probably was just a stomach infection combined with the minor concussion. anyway a whole bunch of crazy this week but I went to church on Sunday and today I feel better, just need to keep taking my medicine for a bit til I'm all recovered. I literally walked home in a rain storm the other day and was walking to my knees in water. It took days for all my clothes to dry. This Sunday we had 10 investigators in the church which is like crazy high. The missionary work here is great and we have 2 baptisms this Saturday and if i stay another transfer we will have a bunch next month hopefully. Hope everything is good at home love and miss you guys

Elder Nelson

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week of February 12, 2017

hoy dia tengo cinco meses en la mision super loco pero el tiempo vuela cuando estamos trabajando no? 
Its interesting because one of the hardest things for the people here to accept is the Book of Mormon. I think there a lot of pastors here that say we are evil and rich, they say the book is evil and it doesn't say Book of Mormon or Joseph smith anywhere in the bible. Its pretty frustrating sometimes and I just want to own them with scriptures, but they don't actually read the Bible for themselves and they just believe anything the pastor or their neighbor says. We find more success with people who are humble and willing to accept the idea to pray about it, and who don't just follow the people or the elect you can say. It says it will be a stumbling block for the weak and a stepping stone for the faithful. We just need to find the faithful. Hope all is well time is flying. 

Have a good week love you

Elder Nelson

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week of February 5, 2017

Wooh this was a hard week, and not cause we had any trials or anything but we worked hard! I was never so ready to go to bed my whole mission than I was this week. We did a ton of contacting and looking for new investigators, and getting to know the area. This week we had 18 new investigators. Which is pretty crazy and 9 of them had a baptism date but with the 3 attendances of church to meet the requirements of baptism this month and none of them were able to go to church so all baptism dates fell through. I think it was for the better though and we can really focus on preparing them for march and we might have 6 or 7 baptisms to make up for the 3 we didn't have this month which is the goal for every companionship every month. I'm feeling pretty good about the work here right now and I'm glad I was transferred here. The thing is I can get transferred the 1st of march and miss all these investigators but I don't feel like I'll get moved. But we never know so I just gotta do my best while I'm here. I loved the package thanks. I only talked to sister cook for like 5 seconds  but she remembered mom or was just being nice. I'm in a branch there is probably around 100 members and needs more priesthood its really cool to be apart of constructing the Lords kingdom from a very small branch. Have a good week love you!