Monday, February 13, 2017

Week of February 12, 2017

hoy dia tengo cinco meses en la mision super loco pero el tiempo vuela cuando estamos trabajando no? 
Its interesting because one of the hardest things for the people here to accept is the Book of Mormon. I think there a lot of pastors here that say we are evil and rich, they say the book is evil and it doesn't say Book of Mormon or Joseph smith anywhere in the bible. Its pretty frustrating sometimes and I just want to own them with scriptures, but they don't actually read the Bible for themselves and they just believe anything the pastor or their neighbor says. We find more success with people who are humble and willing to accept the idea to pray about it, and who don't just follow the people or the elect you can say. It says it will be a stumbling block for the weak and a stepping stone for the faithful. We just need to find the faithful. Hope all is well time is flying. 

Have a good week love you

Elder Nelson

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