Monday, February 6, 2017

Week of February 5, 2017

Wooh this was a hard week, and not cause we had any trials or anything but we worked hard! I was never so ready to go to bed my whole mission than I was this week. We did a ton of contacting and looking for new investigators, and getting to know the area. This week we had 18 new investigators. Which is pretty crazy and 9 of them had a baptism date but with the 3 attendances of church to meet the requirements of baptism this month and none of them were able to go to church so all baptism dates fell through. I think it was for the better though and we can really focus on preparing them for march and we might have 6 or 7 baptisms to make up for the 3 we didn't have this month which is the goal for every companionship every month. I'm feeling pretty good about the work here right now and I'm glad I was transferred here. The thing is I can get transferred the 1st of march and miss all these investigators but I don't feel like I'll get moved. But we never know so I just gotta do my best while I'm here. I loved the package thanks. I only talked to sister cook for like 5 seconds  but she remembered mom or was just being nice. I'm in a branch there is probably around 100 members and needs more priesthood its really cool to be apart of constructing the Lords kingdom from a very small branch. Have a good week love you!

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