Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas in Bolivia

It was a good week this week, the weeks are really starting to 
fly by. Everything went pretty smoothly I finally got to go the Bolivian 
flea market and do some shopping, I got 6 soccer jerseys and Chinese hat 
and a flash drive. Flash drives are what all the missionaries use down here 
to have music and videos and other stuff. 
This should be a good month for missionary work, we have 5 people with baptism 
dates and we found some promising investigators. We taught some interesting 
lessons and some good lessons, everyday is different but everyday is good in the 
We don't have a ton of opportunities for service cause no one ever wants our 
help. Lot of mixed feelings about the missionaries here and a lot of little 
churches and their pastors bash on us and the book of Mormon and how its evil. 
I don't know if I ever mentioned this but I teach an English class at the 
church. We were about to shut it down because we weren't getting non members there but 
we found an investigator who teaches English and comes every class with her son. 
We're hoping that they will be baptized but her husband is not very interested 
and they're not married so that's something that they'll have to overcome before 
baptism. We did a lot of contacting or door knocking or clapping in front of their house cause 
they don't have a door this week. Couple of lessons with some very strange 
people, and interesting conversations with people that are pastors for 
their church. Overall good week and yesterday all the areas closed to the 
city sang in an activity that our mission put on for Christmas. I have some 
pictures from that I'll send. 
Elder Nelson 

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