Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week of April 30th, 2017

I dont have a spanish accented voice but sometimes I make some pretty dumb grammar mistakes that are me translating spanish to english. Crazy that Talyon is going home, and Emily Baker already too. Zane almost has a year which is crazy. Things are going really well in our area right now. We have 9 people with a baptismal date and 8 of them are pretty sure baptisms, so Im hoping that may will be my most successful month of my mission so far. Were working hard here but I feel like ive got more to give so thats my goal this week. A 70 is visiting our mission this week so well have a big training conference with him. Elder Prince is doing good hes just in the I hate Spanish phase that we all go through, but he never complains which is good. We get a ton of help from the ward and the work is moving forward here and Im just glad to be a part of it. Im happy right now and Im looking forward to seeing you guys in 13 days which doesnt seem real until its happening. Are you guys having family home evening every week? Scripture and prayer? You gotta make sure the family is doing that. Have a good week dad dont get too bored and go Ducks!

Elder Nelson is behind the Mission President and member of the 70

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