Saturday, June 3, 2017

Week of May 28th, 2017

**Sorry I have been slacking on the updates. Parker has a new PDay and will read and respond to emails on Saturday**

*This is the email we received two weeks ago
So I'm writing this on Saturday cause I'm in the mission offices and our pday is on Saturday. I have been transferred to be the new Health Secretary of the mission, I'm really just the secretary for Hna Cabezas. My new companion is Elder Vallejo from Ecuador this is his last transfer til he goes home, but he wants to go out with a bang and we're hoping to baptize a bunch of people this last transfer. He is a really good missionary, a little quiet but very focused so this should be a good transfer. Its a very different mission life here in the offices. We don't have lunch or dinner pensions and we get a ton of money and our church office is right next to papa johns burger king, fried chicken places, basically all we could ever want!So that's pretty nice, but I don't want to get fat so ill try to watch what I eat. Today has been pretty good, we played soccer in the morning, and today is mothers day here so we went to Hna Cabezas house and made breakfast which was awesome. In my day I don't do much to do with health, my most important job is the Baptism Records and that Salt Lake is registering all the baptisms we have every month. I feel kinda weird in here sometimes but the other missionaries are cool so its been fun so far. I'll probably be in here for a while, like 5 transfers or so, and so when I leave I'll have just 4 transfers or 6 months left. That's far away so well worry about that later. I'm doing good here, we should have 2 baptisms this Saturday so I'm excited for that. Tell all the family about the Saturday thing. I've got a bunch of pictures​

*This is this weeks email 
Bummer about the ducks but I would be kind of mad if they won the Stanley cup and I couldn't be there. Life here in the office is different, but I like it. We try to go to our area as soon as possible like around 3 in the afternoon, but sometimes they've got stuff going on here and we don't get to leave til 7 or 8. When there are transfers I do go to the airport and stuff but that's just every 6 weeks and they have cinnabon so that's a perk haha. Another perk is that we have no lunch or dinner pension so they just give me a ton of money and I eat whatever I want and we are right next to a plaza and a mall with a ton of American, Mexican, and Argentinian food. Its awesome but I don't want to get fat . One cool thing Ive seen this week is that the Lord knows that were stuck in here sometimes and so we don't have all day to find investigators and we had an activity last night and we had a super good family come to us and they live in our area so I'm really excited to go teach them. The Lord always provides if we are faithful and do our best. I haven't been reading my scriptures in order recently. My studies are usually focused on a subject and I use PMG and the scriptures, that's the way PMG says to study, but if I have extra time I try to read. I like reading the new testament a lot especially the book of Juan. Its been a good week it goes by fast cause I'm always busy. I'm glad to hear that the GGs took care of Cole on his birthday people have united since I have been gone. Cole sent me an email he seemed really happy. The mission gives such an interesting opportunity to miss somebody for a long time and the joy of seeing them again, there is not many things that are like that. Maybe it will be similar in the spirit world when we die and get to see everyone we haven't seen in so long but were all united again, interesting. I'm in the offices which is cool, 3 of the 6 of us are going home this transfer so there are talking about going home, it just seems unrealistic to think about that for me I feel like ill be a missionary my whole life haha. one day....haha. Crazy about Cole's animation teacher really sad, poor guy has had his whole life destroyed. I was in Los Angeles 1 now I'm in Los Angeles 2 so I just moved really close. I still get to see Elder Prince a lot and his new comp is a good buddy of mine from Colombia. My new companion is Elder Vallejo from Ecuador. his dad is the mission president in La Paz. He is a really good missionary and he is going home so were hoping to send him off with baptisms. Things are all good here and we might go bowling today so I'm pretty stoked for that. Here is a picture of me completing my job as health secretary bringing breakfast to the companion of the elder in the hospital 

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