Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week of June 4th, 2017

       Hey dad, it is winter here and some days its freezing cold. I finally have been wearing the winter clothing that I've had. I haven't decided if I like the hot or the cold better, I don't like being hot but I don't like wearing 5 layers to stay warm either. We have air conditioning in our house but it makes cold air. Its hard to get out and teach people and I'm a little stressed over the people we want to baptize this month and its going to be difficult, but we need the faith to get these people in the water. This week we had a meeting with all the zone leaders in the mission and the secretaries. President asked me to give a training/class on putting baptismal dates with people and making sure that they don't fall through. Also we will have multi zone conferences this week and president has asked me to do the same thing but for following up on references and using the reference system we have on the Internet. Its a different missionary life but as long as I can baptize in my own area and help the mission be better ill be happy. I do hear from Zane on email, and the other day I got a hand written letter from him. It is super crazy that he already has a year, and Jake next month has a year too. Happy 33rd anniversary to you and mom, great example of a marriage to all of us rascals and I hope it will be the same for me. Have a good week Dad

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