Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Week of July 23rd, 2017

I knew it was moms birthday on the 31st I'm getting better about the birth dates. Getting a little lazy this year, "just gonna buy a cake" lol pretty soon you ll stop running and just will eat on the couch watching hockey with your dogs. Dang I would love to go out there on the lake, one of my buddies that went home recently sent us a video of him wake boarding to make us all jealous.  How is Thor doing? Is he still fat? I was thinking about that too about 3 transfers more and ill have another skype. After this next one we've got General Conference again! Crazy that Bennets home, who is next to get back? Max? then Jackson then Zane and Jake then Parker. I would love another package, Elder Prince got one recently and it made me a little jealous haha. You don't have to worry about my fluency lol I already give training to all the missionaries in Spanish, I have received the gift of tongues abundantly. 

To mom:
I knew it was your birthday to my credit! Happy birthday mama, how blessed I am to have a mother even more awesome than I am, I gave a talk to the mission about humility this week did it work? Lol I gave president a hard time that he gave me that topic and made him laugh a bunch. I think he likes having me around because I think I naturally neutralize stress that people might have, like the Labrador with the cheetah at the zoo* lol, I'm a Labrador that's why I love those dogs so much, but yes the truth is Ill probably be in here for a while til January February or march I'm guessing if not more. There some rumours that ill get made assistant and if that happens ill be here for a while if not I might leave in December or something. Try not to go to crazy with the DoorDash or ubereats stuff lol cause that ruins all the treadmill work lol. Things are good here in the offices its really like Ive got 5 companions cause we always do stuff together. This week I'm going with President and the assistants to Beni and Ill get to visit my converts familia moreno over there and I'm really excited to see them. Love you mama happy birthday again!​

*At the San Diego zoo theres an 'ambassador' program that raises labradors and cheetahs or wolves together from basically pup-hood. The dog is there to help mellow out the cheetah or wolf that its paired with

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