Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bolivian TV Shows

Hello everyone! Ill make up for last week with a better email and some pictures.

This past week was really great! Wednesday was definitely our best day. All of our appointments fell through and so we went and contacted around the area and we taught 3 families in a row in the middle of the day which is like super rare and in our second lessons with them they told us that on Wednesdays they are usually never home! Only 2 of the families seem to have interest but thats still really good I think and in our first lesson with them they said they would be baptized if they received and answer to their prayers. With most of our new investigators their concerns always seem to be how can we know which church is true when there are so many? I just eat that up. I love it cause it leads right in to the restoration and Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. For me its just so simple and clear.

Only one of our two baptisms happened this week. There are certain requirements to be baptized and our other investigator the 11 year old from the part member family couldn't meet with us like 3 times in a row and so we couldn't have him do his interview to be baptized and we pushed his date back another 2 weeks, the last week of the transfer window. Our other investigator Celedonio is 20 and lives on the second floor of our house so it was only a matter of time til he was baptized. He is super awesome and loves the scriptures and always does the commitments we give him. His service was really great and Elder Urrutia baptized him which was awesome, because it was his first baptism he did himself in his mission.

Thursday I had an exchange with the zone leader. It was nice to be with a gringo for a day and it was fun. He is very interesting, he is a great missionary, but he also loves to watch the bolivian tv show calle siete while we ate dinner! It was a good exchange, I went to his area and we had a lesson with one of his investigators and he committed to baptism. After that we were walking around and it was super windy like felt like hurricane winds, but while we were walking there was a menos activo family who was replacing the mud on their floor and so we helped them because they were pretty old and it was hard work and we filled their whole floor and them answered the fathers questions about the second coming and he was really scared  so we comforted him and told him he had nothing to worry about and just needs to keep the commandments and he wont have to worry really tender moment for me with this family and how great the promises of the heaven must sound to these people who have nothing, and are happy. It was a good exchange but i'm glad Elder Urrutia is my companion hes a great trainer. Overall really good week for the missionary labor in Satelite and im happy to be here, i hope i get to stay in this area a while.

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