Monday, November 7, 2016

Power of Prayer

 Hola familia 
 This week was super long and tough. Having to have a man with us to teach 
families in the afternoon is basically impossible. We had a lot of appts fall 
through and it was super hot. On Saturday at lunch I was thinking wow this 
really sucks and I want to go home, I have so much time left, I'm gonna be here 
for an eternity. After lunch we started a fast and I just was begging Heavenly 
Father to help me change my attitude and focus on being here and also to help me 
with my spanish, because it is really frustrating not being able to understand 

That afternoon it was super hot we didnt teach anybody we just walked around, 
and we were fasting, but my prayer was being answered. I didnt feel bad that we 
werent teaching anyone or how thinking about how hot it was,I was just happy. 
Right around 4 we went to visit a family thats never been home and before we got 
there I just said a prayer please let them be home. They were home! We read a 
chapter of the book of mormon with them, but it was a fight to stay awake to be 
honest lol. 
 Anyways it was just a big turn around moment for me and a testimony builder. 
Right now we have 5 baptisms scheduled for this month which Im super stoked for. 
They are all great investigators. So I cant wait to send pictures. Our lunch 
pensanista is super good and I havent eaten anything here that I didnt like, 
except for milk with rice in it and corn is kinda nasty lol but that was with 
someone else. Spanish is coming along slowly. My goal is to finish the BoM in 
spanish by christmas. Exciting to think ill call home pretty soon :D. 
 Overall things are pretty good down here, very calm friendly and generally 
receptive to the gospel. There are no gangs or anything kinda interesting, the 
elders are the baddest guys around here lol every once and while we see some JWs 
but theyre to scared to try and bible bash with the Lords Fold. 

Elder Nelson 
The ducks here are like super ugly hahaha like straight descendents of the 

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