Monday, November 28, 2016

Well lets say I had a good learning week, it was very long and rough. We only taught 5 lessons in the whole week and that means a lot of walking around. I didnt get to do anything for my birthday a member was supposed to bring us pizza but he couldnt and we didnt teach any lessons so it was rough. That night I woke up because my stomach felt weird and went and threw up and i was able to go back to sleep thank goodness but the next day I threw up 3 times and had a fever that night. I took like 4 medications from the whack bolivia pharmacy. Stayed in the house all day but i was able to watch meet the mormons that night on a little tv so that was nice. I get a little better every day and today i feel fine but it was just a rough week. Dont get me wrong im happy to be here and getting sick sometimes is somthing all missionaries go through. Im excited to work hard this week, Im starting to understand the scriptures in spanish so that helps my study a lot and we a have a baptism service this weekend so that should be good. love you mama

Elder Nelson

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