Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Im in some janky internet cafe writing this so bare with me. I guess its almost been 2 weeks of craziness out here in the big b. I dont even know where to begin so much has happened. 

The flights to get here sucked, we flew from mexico to peru and peru to bolivia. I thought that 6 and 4 hour flights would be fine but it is a long time when you cant do anything but look at the seat in front of you and sit there and sweat uncomfortably close to people. I got to Bolivia at 4am and sat in a customs line for an hour and a half then finally met my Mis Pres and my APs. We took a short drive to a mission home and we all got to sleep thank gosh. We woke up around 11 and went to get lunch with the Mission president and the office elders in the presidents house. Ive been a little worried about the food here but everything ive eaten so far has been great. Lot of meat and a lot of Rice haha. Oh and ive also never aprreciated Coke so much in my life. 

My trainers name is elder urrutia the biggest latino that ever was haha. He is from chile and he is the only latino to ever be bigger than me haha, but hes just a big teddy bear and I think president cabezas sent you a photo of us. I didnt bring my cord to send photos today but ive got a bunch. He is a good trainer and his english is better than most here which isnt saying much but he knows enough english and i know enough spanish to get by.

So this place is pretty poor but nothing like the horror stories I heard, Im in the outer part of the city so its a mix of poor and fine in my area. But we dont have an actual chapel we have an abandoned open roofed hotel and we went to clean it for a baptismal service and oh my heck was it nasty but I put 2 hours into that thing and made it somewhat decent. It will be a lot easier to clean it for our baptisms speaking of which, we have got 2 dates!

My first lesson was with the guy on or second floor, and he said he wanted to be baptized before we even started! He had recieved some lessons from urrutia and his previous comp, but my first real baptismal date was with a kid named gary whose mom is a member but thats it, and he came to church on sunday and we taught him lesson 2 after church and I invited him to be baptized and he said yes! It was a great experience. We also invited 2 others to be baptized that said yes but one isnt married and the others are going out of town and dont know when theyll be back. 

Church was ok, I introduced myself to the ward but that was about it, the ward is great but I can barely understand them. In the church meetings it was really frustrating cause i didnt understand anything. 

A lot of things can be frustrating here especially the language but a good lesson makes it all worth it. Helping real people with their lives is what this work is about and the spanish will just be a matter of time and work. Once I have that down ill enjoy myself a lot more here, but I love it here already so I just cant wait :)

Elder Nelson

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