Thursday, October 20, 2016

5 Days til Bolivia!

Yo! Im writing a little later today because I had a bunch of stuff to get done today. I weighed in all my bags and im good to go! I leave monday and my flight leaves at 430pm here time. I should have some time to call home in the airport! So just be waiting for me from around 12 to 3 your time! 

This week has been pretty good just trying to learn this language. I was able to sit a lunch with someone from Bolivia which was really good for me. People there he told me speak really fast and with their accent a lot of the S´s are like J´s which is basically silent hahaha which is horrible when your trying to understand what their saying being new to the language, but he told me my spanish was really good and my accent wasnt like a white person haha. I was able to ask him a bunch of questions about santa cruz cause thats where he is from. He said its all mostly flat, and not mountainous like the west side of Bolivia. So I think its gonna be more jungely. He also said that Santa Cruz is nicer than the rest of the country and the girls are prettier haha. I asked him if they play tennis there and he said only the rich people play tennis. So im hoping for some members that play. 

Thanks for the packages they are always sweet to get and rub in the face of my district haha dont worry I always share. It was also nice to get that letter too so thanks fam. Everyday here blurs together with our schedules like they are. Our new district in our zone discovered the mighty cage and we have been able to dominate them in the mighty sport of futbal rapido haha. Hopefully the Ducks will be blessed for my missionary service and they will be able to go on a good streak and sign Hampus haha.

My district is the best district here. We all are good friends and get along super well. Theres one guy in here that has been my Zane away from home and hes been a big blessing in my life here. Hes elder curtis. He just makes me laugh a bunch and our district calls us the duo haha. He just keeps me sane haha

I guess from my emails it may sound like all I do is mess around here haha, but thats just because I dont talk about the 12 hours of boring studying I do cause no one wants to here about that haha, but believe it or not I do actually work here haha. My teachers here are the best ill send the pictures of us when I get to Bolivia, speaking of which 4 DAYS BOOOOY, so stoked to get wrecked haha. I just hope I can communicate with my mission president haha. 

Im looking forward to calling home talk to you guys soon

Elder Nelson

​Elder Curtis and I 
Also my lit poem make sure to post that on the blog

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