Thursday, October 6, 2016


Hey everybody!

Weeks are all blurring together it seems like its going so fast but it also feels like I never had a life before this lol. Everything has been going pretty well here THANKS fo the packages too! Im good for this week cause im running out of room in my closet haha. Me and my companion are getting along well. I have got a couple of good buddies in my district too, but overall our district is doing really well every once in a while someone will get down but ive instituted fishbowling in our district at least twice a week. Thats when everyone goes around the room and says something they like about a person. There is a huge presence of the spirit of love there when we do that and it really builds our district. Its easy to get negative out here but you just gotta stay focused and stay positive.

This past weekend was pretty good cause we just watched every session of conference and so all we did was eat and watch conference lol. We learned a lot about receiving personal revelation and coming into things with questions and we will be able to recieve personal answers either from the talk or something the EspĂ­ritu Santo will whisper to us. It was a great experience and a nice break from spanish. 

Spanish is interesting because I make progress in ways without being able to tell if that makes sense. Its easy to think you havent made any progress here It kinda feels like I havent learned anything new, but yesterday we had a super awesome experience. We did this thing called TRC which is when volunteer members from local wards come to the ccm and you and your companion teach them a lesson, and they dont speak any ingles. So I walked in having no idea what to expect but it went super well! Our first lesson was a guy who had been a convert of 4 years and he said he was struggling to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Usually my companion carries the lesson cause hes better at spanish, but this time I led it. Sometimes I had no idea what he was saying but I catch just enough to guess what hes talking about haha. So i was able to testify of how important the BoM is and that he needs a testimony, and I showed him moronis promise and he said he had never seen that before and he committed to reading the BoM and praying about it. It was a great experience.

After that experience I felt a lot more confident about my learning spanish and being able to understand and teach people is becoming more of a reality. Also one of my night teachers was asking us where were going and I said Bolivia and she was like, your gonna be happy because the Bolivians are the easiest ones to baptize in south America hahaha woohoo! She said the people there have really strong faith and they are very open to missionaries :D

Overall its been good here Im not quite getting anxious to leave and I know how well im able to do right when I get in the field is up to my studying in here so Im glad Ive got just over 2 weeks left to really kick it in gear. 

Elder Nelson
heres me saying bye to our awesome zone leaders. Im also like the oldest one in my zone they call me grandpa sometimes haha

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