Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy P Day!

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This is gonna be a boring email I feel like haha nothing funny or crazy really happened. Which is good and bad I guess. This past week was pretty boring in that I mean that everything was pretty routine. I feel like these next 12 days are gonna be one big spanish cram fest haha. What I really could use some help with is being able to understand the latinos better when they speak, cause they talk so fast! I just need my ears to develop hearing them talk so fast haha. I can get my point across in the lessons most the time but if theres something I dont know how to say I just go around it haha. Mostly the thing I do in lessons is just try to listen resolve concerns, piece a message together, and point out the spirit. Thats all I can do haha but usually its enough. 

Super gnarly to think that Ill be out in the real mundo here pretty soon. I almost know ill get there and have no idea whats going on at first so, Im just working hard to make sure I have to do the least amount of learning in the field as possible.

Me and my district buddies call the hermanas here muggles now haha we just try to stay away from them haha. Our district is coming along alright in the spanish, but there is definitely a separation of a learning curve for some members so its hard to see them struggle so much so we just try to help each other out. 

My maestra told me something really funny the other day, shes a great teacher for me because shes got a good sense of humor and she doesnt get mad at me. But she said in spanish basically im intelligent but I get distracted and have to much fun haha, which is literally what every teacher has told me in school my whole life haha except for my first grade teacher who told me I was dumb. Well ill show her ha ha.

I wrote a dope poem but I forgot to take a picture of it so ill send it next week haha.

Thats about all thats been going down besides my district killing it in futsall or cage soccer or in spanish futbol rapido. We beat two latino teams BOY so you know were legit. You guys are also in the clear to send packages again, I have room in my closet ;) 

Much Love
Elder Nelson

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