Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week of January 1, 2017

Sorry to took so long to post, I was on vacation!

The weather here is super weird. Its really hot and windy or its rainy and then hot its just a big mess but it sucks when its super hot. To me it seems like I barely know any spanish but to you guys its totally different. I cant believe Carrie Fisher died thats crazy! I finished Jesus The Christ yesterday super good book. I learned a lot about our Savior and more of what he did in his earthly ministry. I want to read all of Talmage´s books but I have to wait til after my mission to do that.  It was definitely a good week the best part about new years was that we had 6 investigators at church! Our goal is 5 baptisms this month so that should be great. We have this week and the week after in this transfer window. There are like 7 zones in the city and suburb areas and 3 zones in the jungle area. Im in a suburb area like 30 minutes from the city. Keep being awesome I pray for you and the family everyday!

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