Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week of January 8, 2017

Things are going good here, always lots of spiritual experiences but what is always the best is when our investigators keep their commitments and read the book of mormon. Bolivia is an experience everyday lol its pretty wild. It was a good week, we have a lot of good families to teach and I keep having weird dreams in spanish. The goofy challenge is cursed or something dad, but it seems like you're content with the results. Dang I miss the family trips and spending all our money ha. Here in my district I have the reputation for being the cheapest one, I hope that makes you proud, and its not being stingy its making an efficient budget and keeping to it strictly. We have to give money back to the mission if we have extra but that NEVER happens. My goal is to give the most money back to the mission in the mission history. Its tithing money and its sacred :) I'm glad all went well with your run I prayed for you and the family the whole week. We get an hour or so to study the gospel everyday and its my favorite time of the day. For me when I have a great gospel study I have a great day. It takes an effort though to have good studies and be focused. I'm going to a church distribution store today to buy a quad because the scriptures the mtc gave me are garbage and I want nice ones. I haven't read the BoM all the way through yet because I switched to reading in spanish and its a lot slower, I'm only in Mosiah. Our missionary library is also limited so we can only read certain things and it doesn't include any church history books except for Our Heritage, but I'll have plenty of time to read a bunch of church books when I get home. The one thing I thought about this week is how disappointing it can be when our investigators don't read or pray or attend church and I thought about all the times I've disappointed you guys. I hope you guys can be proud of me that I'm out doing what I should be doing. This is my last week of my official training, it all goes by so fast, but I'll have another Monday before I know if I'm getting transferred or not. I hope I stay because we have a lot of families that are close to baptism and I wanna be here, but I'll go where I'm needed. 

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