Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week of January 22, 2017

Yea a ton of things happened this week. So on Tuesday we got the transfer calls and I was certain that I was gonna stay and Urrutia was gonna leave. The zone leaders called us and said Elder Nelson your getting transferred, your going to guayaramerin, you'll be opening a new area, and you'll be training a new elder. I was shocked and I waited for like 10 seconds to tell me he was kidding. Guayara is in Beni and its the furthest away from the city that you can be in and its 10 minutes away from Brazil. Its in the Amazon jungle! When I heard that I started freaking out a bit cause its basically throwing a little kid in a pool and hoping he will teach himself how to swim. But the thing is Elder Cook is coming to our mission and all the missionaries from Beni are flying in for it. So I have been living with the zone leaders and helping the new elders in the area. We also had two baptisms this Saturday so I was pretty lucky I could stay for that and baptize one of them. Its been the weirdest week in my mission kinda floating around companions and areas and I'm anxious to get to my area and go to work. I haven't met my new companion yet he has 1 transfer or 6 weeks in Beni right now and ill finish his training. I wont meet him til like this Wednesday or Thursday. I have only heard good things about him though. Super crazy week but I'm chilling and trying to stay focused. Hope all is well at home things are good here. I have seen a lot of help with my spanish this week, and a lot more comfortable. Something interesting I studied this week was really how much the Lord loves us and how He wants us to succeed and be happy. Have a good week next email I'll be in the jungle.


Elder Nelson

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